You Died PUZZLE Necromancer Revived You


The Necromancer is having renovations on the tower, you can still challenge the tower, however, you have to build the floors yourself to reach the very top. Are you ready to return to the Necromancer’s tower in a new puzzling way?

You can play the prototype here for free! Keep in mind it is a prototype, a very early version, nothing is set in stone and everything is up to be improved. We want to gather feedback and since conventions are no go this year we are having an online free prototype for everyone to try and test! We’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts & feedback whether it is to our email, twitter or discord.

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5 years of BolHut

5 years is a lot lot of time! We are still making games hidden in our BolHut!

2020 has been a tough year though; we started making a (party) game that now is paused because we do not feel confident developing it further unless we are able to test it with an audience (irl event). For almost half a year we were unable to make much progress game-wise during quarantine, however we took that time to make our own “engine” and tools to make making games faster, I call it TURNIP ENGINE! but it basically is a project holding our most common scripts & tools for game development within GMS 2.

Starting July we began brainstorming ideas for new games, taking our time to develop each and choose properly. On August we had to choose one to start working on and so for the past month and a half we have been working on a new Untitled game that we internally call “Parasol”.

Unfortunately I do not have enough content that I feel confident showing as of now, plus it is slowly becoming a bigger project than initially anticipated, but that makes it the more exciting!

At the beginning of September I started working on a small project on the side, because of its small scope and familiarity the project was fairly fast and easy to prototype, slowly but surely becoming today’s announcement!

Please stay tuned for a new game announcement today at 19:00 CEST (10:00 PDT)

Thank you for playing! ❤️

Jaime Gifte

Spring 2020 Update

Hello! Gifte talking!

I do not want to ramble for too long, but I felt a small update was necessary. First of all, let’s start celebrating spring! And the soon to be You Died But a Necromancer’s 1st anniversary this 19th of April:

You Died But a Necromancer Revived You is 50% off!

PuPaiPo Space Deluxe is 20% off!

The sale will last until the 19th of April however, a small disclaimer! On Steam the sale will begin the 5th of April and will run until the 19th of April as well, it is a bit inconvenient but it’s what we can offer at the moment.

Now regarding the virus and our future games: We were planning to test a new game during an upcoming event, that is cancelled and we won’t get a chance to test until who knows when. Currently I am outside home and cannot return since borders have been closed, I have my laptop and tablet so I can keep on working (not at the same rate, but it is doable). We are all fine, safe and sound.

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PuPaiPo Space Deluxe PC!

Hop into your spaceship and battle waves of opponents in your search for the legendary space pizza!
Now 100% more deluxe than ever!

4 years after its original release, Deluxe hits PC today 19th of December 2019! And remember that the game is also coming soon to the Nintendo Switch on January 23rd.

[ 🌍Web ] [🚀 Launch Trailer ] [ 🔎 Steam ] [ 🏠 ]

We hope you have fun with our newest and oldest (?) title! And now I will ramble about this release.

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BolHut at FIMP 2019

Now that I have a bit of time I’ll take the chance to make a quick post about our FIMP time this year, because we never miss one!

First of all, we’d like to give a shoutout to all the wonderful devs that we got to meet at the event, this year there were a lot! (I hope I am not missing anyone 💦 )

Special thanks to family, Pablo Raak , Lune and Metal Zebra for helping with the stand! And thanks to everyone who played our games during the event!

You are all wonderful! ❤️
Now on to sharing some photos & moments from the event:

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[v1.0.5] Necromancer in Japan!

Wonderful art by wondeful Lune

Hello! Hope you are having a spooky halloween!
This month we are releasing the game in Japan and as such we have a small update for you!

We added two new characters to select (Salmon & Ferocious) plus the customization option to play “Ultra Mode”.

Ultra Mode? What’s that? When selecting difficulty press Customize, turn on Ultra Mode, hit play and get ready for a new challenge! Every floor spawns ultra traps!

Thank you all for playing!

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PuPaiPo Space Deluxe reveal!

>> Watch the reveal trailer here! <<

PuPaiPo Space is back! This time it looks less pixely and more DELUXE! Shoot N Dodge through a very colorful space.

We have made the game entirely from scratch to make sure everything is as polished, bug-free and better than ever. Most people probably do not know about PuPaiPo but it is the first game we ever made! You can download the original(s) for free and try them out! (However it lacks a lot of polish)

This game is very dear to us, as it is the first full game we put out there just for fun, to try things and start our journey. It is a game based of a 2010 smaller (and crappier) game by Jaime Gifte, with characters and a world from when we were kids. It is that kind of game our little kid inside would’ve loved to play on a gameboy.

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4 Years of BolHut

Thanks for playing! ❤️

4 years is a lot of time, we normally take this time to stop for a bit and see what we have done so far to fondly remember all the good memories, our hard work and most importantly thank you all!

Later today (at 19:00 CEST) we will reveal what we’ve been up to these past months!

2019 so far has been a great year, having released You Died But a Necromancer Revived You in both PC & Nintendo Switch we made our first step not only making a commercial game but also releasing it in a console that we love.

For the rest of 2019 and moving into 2020 we want to keep on doing our best, step by step, and we hope to keep making fun and challenging games for you to play.

Happy Birthday!

A month of Necromancy

It has been over a month since You Died but a Necromancer revived you released! This is our very first time selling a game and the experience has been invaluable plus sales were way better than expected!

Thanks to all your support we are already working in our next projects! ❤

But now let’s take a step back and talk about the journey making You Died but a Necromancer revived you for those that are interested.

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