You Died PUZZLE Necromancer Revived You


The Necromancer is having renovations on the tower, you can still challenge the tower, however, you have to build the floors yourself to reach the very top. Are you ready to return to the Necromancer’s tower in a new puzzling way?

You can play the prototype here for free! Keep in mind it is a prototype, a very early version, nothing is set in stone and everything is up to be improved. We want to gather feedback and since conventions are no go this year we are having an online free prototype for everyone to try and test! We’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts & feedback whether it is to our email, twitter or discord.

You Died Puzzle started as a small side project, prototype’d game jam style, and it slowly became today’s announcement! It is a simple concept and yet it is fun to explore, it is a puzzle more of in how you place the pieces together than there is one solution and one solution only, plus you still have to beat the level that you yourself just made! Put a cannon in the wrong direction at the wrong place and you might have just made a hallway of death.

What about Parasol?
Parasol will still be our main priority moving forward, You Died Puzzle is a smaller project that we will work on the side, aiming to release it sometime in 2021 if feedback is positive and seems like a project worth finishing.

What is the scope of You Died Puzzle?
You Died Puzzle would cover the 5 areas of the Necromancer’s tower at the very least, maybe with some additions. As in the prototype the game would feature different blocks, obstacles, ultra traps depending on the level; the procedurality of the game is a combination of what random blocks you get and how the player decides to place them, the rest will be designed by hand.

Prototype features single player play, however the complete product would have up to 4 players, co-op and versus.

That’s it for the announcement! Go play and tell us what you think!
We will be updating the prototype if any bugs show up or any new features we want to test pop up

Thank you for playing! ❤️

Jaime Gifte