Spring 2020 Update

Hello! Gifte talking!

I do not want to ramble for too long, but I felt a small update was necessary. First of all, let’s start celebrating spring! And the soon to be You Died But a Necromancer’s 1st anniversary this 19th of April:

You Died But a Necromancer Revived You is 50% off!

PuPaiPo Space Deluxe is 20% off!

The sale will last until the 19th of April however, a small disclaimer! On Steam the sale will begin the 5th of April and will run until the 19th of April as well, it is a bit inconvenient but it’s what we can offer at the moment.

Now regarding the virus and our future games: We were planning to test a new game during an upcoming event, that is cancelled and we won’t get a chance to test until who knows when. Currently I am outside home and cannot return since borders have been closed, I have my laptop and tablet so I can keep on working (not at the same rate, but it is doable). We are all fine, safe and sound.

What about games? At the moment I do not feel confident continuing the current project without being able to test it as it is a game that has a party focus (testing a game playing against myself using 4 different controllers is not as thrilling but it is something!)

The decision I have taken for now is to take a step back and re-work our “engine”, for both our last two games we have been using mostly the same code for menus, sound, camera, etc… and while they are good, I feel like now it is a perfect time to polish and expand these tools, adding new ones that will be useful in future games.

Conclusion? I am working on tools so once we beat the virus we can work on games faster and better (And at the same time I’ll be designing and doodling more game ideas on the side)

I am not sure when we will be back with news, you can join our discord and say hello if you want! I am not the type of person to show a lot of work in progress so we might hold onto any new stuff until September or later depending on how the situation evolves.

And… well, I ended up rambling a bit

Thank you for playing!