Spring 2020 Update

Hello! Gifte talking!

I do not want to ramble for too long, but I felt a small update was necessary. First of all, let’s start celebrating spring! And the soon to be You Died But a Necromancer’s 1st anniversary this 19th of April:

You Died But a Necromancer Revived You is 50% off!

PuPaiPo Space Deluxe is 20% off!

The sale will last until the 19th of April however, a small disclaimer! On Steam the sale will begin the 5th of April and will run until the 19th of April as well, it is a bit inconvenient but it’s what we can offer at the moment.

Now regarding the virus and our future games: We were planning to test a new game during an upcoming event, that is cancelled and we won’t get a chance to test until who knows when. Currently I am outside home and cannot return since borders have been closed, I have my laptop and tablet so I can keep on working (not at the same rate, but it is doable). We are all fine, safe and sound.

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