[v1.0.2] PuPaiPo Space Deluxe

Patch up!

Both PC and Nintendo Switch versions are now on v1.0.2! This update is meant to address a couple of bugs that crash the game, they are very specific and unlikely to encounter. Alongside these fixes we also bring some improvements and balance to the game.




  • Boss Intros last roughly 0.5s longer
  • Changed some spanish text that looked weird on Boss Intros
  • Lowered the volume of a couple loud SFX by 25%
  • Added an outline to the text on boss intros (for those that overflow)
  • Bombs deal 2 less damage
  • When using a continue the free bomb when spawning now deals 7 damage but its size is bigger
  • Mouse now locks itself on the screen when playing Fullscreen as well


  • Added ducks to the pool of enemies (starting WAVE 190)
  • Flowers count as 1.5 enemies in a wave now
  • Smoother rest times between waves as waves go on


  • Added error to the big bullets when the boss closes ( 10 > 15 > 25 )
  • In Hard and Ultra now the boss changes position (around the middle) after closing


  • Reverted some small balance changes in Hard (slightly more projectiles)
  • 1st phase on Hard had the same speed as in normal, now it scales properly ( 1.1 > 1 > 0.9 )
  • 2nd phase reacts faster on spawn depending on difficulty (2.5s > 2s > 1.5s)
  • 3rd phase reacts slightly faster on Ultra


  • Fixed LOOPs not spawning if it is the second time you LOOP
  • Fixed that survival would show WAVEs instead of POINTs and viceversa on player selection
  • Fixed a bug if you use a continue and beat the rest of the stage without getting hit it’d give a NO HIT BONUS



  • Added LOOPS, after beating the game once,
    if you beat Normal or Hard you get the option to Loop back to the 1st stage in a harder difficulty
    After beating the final boss go to where it says LOOP


  • Now Aim Assist shows a hitmarker where you are aiming at (for controllers)
  • Changed the GAME CLEAR screen to be less cramped and a bit more colorful
  • S4T3-Lite Boss slightly harder in Ultra
  • Decreased RockyHut’s angle of shooting lightly (when it is on the lower part of the screen)
  • Guru reduced slightly ignore time
  • Capt. Snorkles pops all projectiles when defeated
  • Delayed music start for Stage 3B to better adjust the stage
  • Final Boss Phase 1 alternates between phases ( so it is not stuck on the same one) plus less HP
  • Final Boss Phase 2 slightly more HP
  • Reduced slightly the hitboxes of some projectiles
  • Background space is now slightly more blue

Stage 1 – Ducks spawn every 11s instead of 12s
Stage 2 – Meteors spawn 30px closer to the middle
Stage 2 – Meteors spawn every 5.5s instead of 7s
Stage 4 – Bubbles live slightly longer
Stage 5 – Reinforcement drops spawn every 12.5s instead of 15s ( 6 -> 7 drops )
Stage 6 – Less enemies (but electrify field gets closer )
Stage 7 – Enemy amount changes


  • Fixed collission with rocky bullets did not match sprite
  • Fixed a crash when colliding with a penguin boss while they are spawning
  • Fixed that RockyHut would sometimes slow down when jumping to attack on the lower part of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where GURU would go out of bounds when getting angry then teleport back into the stage
  • Fixed a bug in which the electric field would remain for the boss fight
  • Fixed a crash that would only happen in Ultra Difficulty at Stage 7
  • Fixed No Hit Bonus would only work on the Bonus Stage
  • Minor fixes