PuPaiPo Space Deluxe PC!

Hop into your spaceship and battle waves of opponents in your search for the legendary space pizza!
Now 100% more deluxe than ever!

4 years after its original release, Deluxe hits PC today 19th of December 2019! And remember that the game is also coming soon to the Nintendo Switch on January 23rd.

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We hope you have fun with our newest and oldest (?) title! And now I will ramble about this release.

Bla beee boop! Gifte talking,

First of all I would like to apologise for having to delay the Nintendo Switch version. We needed an extra month to finish everything up and not deliver a rushed product. That said, the game is out on PC!! And right on time for the end of the year and holidays.

Everytime I have the chance to I say it, this game is very dear to us since it is the one we started BolHut with. Many people know us from You Died: BaNRY but we have made other games before, so we took this year to give PuPaiPo Space a much deserved Deluxe version! It is sooOoOoOoo deluxe that almost every sprite has been drawn twice, one time in pixel art and then another in deluxe (You can select the style in the options!)

Working on deluxe has been wonderful, putting everything we’ve learned so far to the test. If you played the first one, you can appreciate all the tiny and big improvements: the menus are actually proper menus, the player selection screen is now a thing, controller support is no longer a tick box, projectiles no longer clip through bubbles, each stage and boss has its own music, etc, etc…

Comparison of some of the sprites (pixel) of all PuPaiPos through time and space

If you did not know, in 2010 I made a crappy prototype of PuPaiPo Space. It was a vertical scroller rather than freely aiming everywhere and the game was INCREDIBLY slow to control but, at the time, I was proud of being able to make a game.

It feels weird to go back and play the previous two versions, PuPaiPo Space has been in a way or another around for the full decade for me, but with Deluxe we can leave it a state that I am very proud and happy of.

So again, I hope you have fun playing with a game that started off with my random kid’s doodles and ideas together with all we have learnt making games as a team.

Not sure when our next update will be but know that I am already working on the next game(s)

Thank you for playing! ❤️