BolHut at FIMP 2019

Now that I have a bit of time I’ll take the chance to make a quick post about our FIMP time this year, because we never miss one!

First of all, we’d like to give a shoutout to all the wonderful devs that we got to meet at the event, this year there were a lot! (I hope I am not missing anyone 💦 )

Special thanks to family, Pablo Raak , Lune and Metal Zebra for helping with the stand! And thanks to everyone who played our games during the event!

You are all wonderful! ❤️
Now on to sharing some photos & moments from the event:

Some of the goodies we would be giving out at the event
Our big table
Our smaller? table
First thing in the morning we organised a very messy You Died Versus tournament!
It was a very close last game, ending on a draw and we had to play an extra round for them to untie
Our shower system for the first day of the event
(It was raining so much and strong it started leaking, we went up to 4 buckets)
~ Pizza time break ~
Someone found out how to dynamax the characters in PuPaiPo
We won an award too! Best Game FIMP 19 in the Findie category

Another good FIMP! This time super rainy, but we all had a fun time and flat feet. We also got really valuable feedback for PuPaiPo Space Deluxe.

I do not have many more photos to share, but if you have one from the event or anything you’d like to tell us please tweet at us!

Soon we’ll start talking about PuPaiPo Space DX now that it is ready for release. Bye bye!