[v1.0.5] Necromancer in Japan!

Wonderful art by wondeful Lune

Hello! Hope you are having a spooky halloween!
This month we are releasing the game in Japan and as such we have a small update for you!

We added two new characters to select (Salmon & Ferocious) plus the customization option to play “Ultra Mode”.

Ultra Mode? What’s that? When selecting difficulty press Customize, turn on Ultra Mode, hit play and get ready for a new challenge! Every floor spawns ultra traps!

Thank you all for playing!

V 1.0.5

– Added Japanese as language
– (SWITCH) Game is now live in Japan!

– Two new characters ( Salmon & Ferocious )
– Added customization option “Ultra Mode” ( Ultra Traps every floor )

– Singleplayer now no longer detects input from any other controls other than the one used to select character.
– Minor fixes