PuPaiPo Space Deluxe reveal!

>> Watch the reveal trailer here! <<

PuPaiPo Space is back! This time it looks less pixely and more DELUXE! Shoot N Dodge through a very colorful space.

We have made the game entirely from scratch to make sure everything is as polished, bug-free and better than ever. Most people probably do not know about PuPaiPo but it is the first game we ever made! You can download the original(s) for free and try them out! (However it lacks a lot of polish)

This game is very dear to us, as it is the first full game we put out there just for fun, to try things and start our journey. It is a game based of a 2010 smaller (and crappier) game by Jaime Gifte, with characters and a world from when we were kids. It is that kind of game our little kid inside would’ve loved to play on a gameboy.

For people who have played the original, we hope you are as excited about Deluxe as we are!
Here is a list of some changes/improvements we have made so far:

  • DELUXE: Everything has been updated and re-drawn, for a deluxe look!
  • PIXEL: However you can still turn ON/OFF deluxe and play in pixel-art mode if you prefer!
  • 2 to 4 Players: Now up to 4 people can join the ride!
  • Menus: Now work using a gamepad or a keyboard, incredible! right?
  • Bugs!: We fixed that annoying bug in which a shield touching another shield would make both shields to explode.
  • NEW content: Enemies, boss phases, balance and more!

Having released our first commercial game ( You Died BaNRY ) and 4 years after we first released PuPaiPo Space, we thought it would be cool to take a step back, take everything we have learned and improved on so far, and give our dear first game a complete Deluxe release.

Our initial desired release date is the 19th of December, we are setting a deadline on ourselves to have the game ready this year. We cannot wait for you to play it!

You will be able to play the game at FIMP 2019 this year too! This times the fight for FIMP’s highscores is gonna be more Deluxe than ever!

And now is time for us to hide in our BolHut and keep making the game

Thank you for playing! ❤️