[v1.0.4] You Died BaNRY

Ultra Hard is less hard but still Ultra!

It has been nearly a month since release and we have been slowly updating the game with fixes, changes and small additions. PC gets updated on the go, however Nintendo Switch is a longer process that we prefer to update with lots of changes rather than small patches.

Here is the full changelog since we release

V 1.0.2 + V 1.0.3 + V 1.0.4


  • Added option to turn off the “Revive texts” in between deads
  • Added an option to display hitbox on top of your character
  • Added customization option to set a custom seed
  • Added customization option to lock floors (so they do not re-randomize)


  • Added 10 more custom seeds to the customization option
  • Changed “Deadzone” setting to properly scale from 10% to 90%
  • Added a tiny small delay when unpausing
  • Ultra Hard = Normal mode without checkpoints
  • Hard = +25% explosion time delay
  • Ultra Ghost speed reduced from 3.9 to 3.7

LEVEL EXPLOSION TIME ( default is 5s )

  • F3 – Ultra Spikes time increased from 5s to 6s
  • F7 – Ultra Blades time increased from 5.8s to 8s
  • F11 – Ultra Oven time increased from 7.2s to 8s
  • F11 – Ultra Igloo time increased from 3.8s to 4.5s
  • F25 – Necromancer time increased from 5.5s to 6s

– F3 > Traps from 2 to 1.5

-F5 > Traps from 4 to 3.5
-F6 > Traps from 5 to 4.5

-F8 > Traps from 2 to 2.5
-F11> Traps from 2 to 3

-F16> Traps from 3 to 4
-F18> Traps from 4.5 to 5
-F20> Traps from 5 to 6

Phase 1

  • The Necromancer can only shoot 5 rounds of projectiles
    (stops shooting 1.5s after the floor starts exploding more or less)

Phase 2

  • Random level explode time increased from 4s to 5s
  • Random level decreased amount of traps by 1
  • Removed the phase that only used spears
  • Huge spikes phase explode time increased from 3.8s to 7s


  • [ENGLISH] Fixed text for achievement “Highscore” where it would display 500 when it should display 350


  • Fixed that music did not change between areas if you turn off transitions
  • Small color/position fixes

Thank you for playing!