You Died but a Necromancer revived you!

The Necromancer arrives to PC & Switch!

You Died… but a Necromancer revived you! And will keep reviving you back to their crazy tower of death until you reach the top floor and get rid of them, allowing you to finally be free…

The pathways are narrow and full of traps; reaching the top to challenge the Necromancer is no easy feat. Are you ready!?

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Hello! Jaime Gifte here,

The game is out!!! You can now go buy & play it!!! We are so excited and cannot wait to let you play it at home finally.

There is not much more to say, we are really excited and nervous, this is our first time putting a game for sale out there and we hope you all like it.

I would like to credit everyone involved and a huge thank you for helping us along the way:

Thank you too to Game Maker Studio 2, Aseprite, Gamemaster Audio, BFXR for helping us in development along the way, without these tools making games would be a way harder challenge.

Thank you to Nintendo for letting us publish our game on the Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo fans ourselves we have grown with a GameBoy Color and it is now a great honor to be able to make games for a Nintendo console.

Thanks as well to everyone who has played or supported us, it means the world to us

I do not want to ramble much, I am very good at it.

Thank you for playing! ❤

Jaime Gifte