2015 – 2018 Quick Summary

2015 BolHut logo

19th September of 2015 is when BolHut begins its adventure with their first game PuPaiPo Space
, a small free game to start things up. That same year we started working on Red Handsome Hood and got the chance to showcase both games during FIMP 2015!

FIMP 2015 – Our very first event

Watching people play and enjoy our games was and still is one of our favorites experiences, we hide and work hard for months and months to then be rewarded with people having a fun time playing our games during these events.

However BolHut was not a full-time thing and we could only work during our free time, having ups and downs, making it a slow development to the release of Red Handsome Hood.


Next event we went to was the CometCon 2016, in which we participated in a game jam themed “You Died” and the best thing we came up with was You Died but a Necromancer revived you.

Very bad photo of our game jam award

We did win the game jam! Making this our very first small award. We quickly got to 3 games in our belt and You Died but a Necromancer revived you was such a blast to make that we were excited to work on a finished product for it, but first we would have to finish working on Red Handsome Hood before focusing in a new game. We kept quietly working on the game and we went once more to the FIMP 2016 to showcase our progress with the game.

Red Handsome Hood releases 2017

Red Handsome Hood is a game that is very dear to us, we learnt a whole lot with it and it did bring a lot of ups and downs. We were losing motivation with it so we decided to rush and release it as best as we could to move onto the next game. The game was “early access released” in Christmas so people could download it & play it during events and it saw its version 1.0 release on April 2017.

Our messy table at CometCon’17

Once Red Handsome Hood got released we spent some time off to reorganise, after all we have been working during our free time on all these games (that we are releasing for free!).

…and after some rest we went back to development! This time our next game would be You Died but a Necromancer revived you! Ever since the game jam we were excited to work on a full version and so many ideas got into the table (and most of them were later scrapped, but that is a topic for another post)

Poster 2017

Summer 2017 we began to work on You Died but a Necromancer revived you from scratch, it was a good opportunity to clean some of the messy game jam code (the code is still messy now but less!) and upgrade to Game Maker Studio 2. Development during these days was fun and relatively fast, adding and removing a lot of ideas.

2 yers of BolHut cake!

Our first and second years we took the time to look back and think to improve forward, like we are doing in this summary, it is crazy how much and how little we have accomplished throughout the years.

Boxes playing our game at FIMP’17
Award to “Best Independent Game Development Studio” at CometCon’18
A cool Dragonite passing by our stand at CometCon’18
Let’s not forget the Column that all devs would lay on during CometCon’18. Its support has been great

FIMP 2017 and CometCon 2018 really were amazing, we implemented a 4 player mode (co-op and versus) in You Died but a Necromancer revived you and it was a huge success. Our stand would fill up with people playing the game together… and the best part? People of all kinds and ages! Families! Groups of friends! And even people that did not know each other would join to either fail together or compete against each other.

It was after CometCon’18 that Jaime Gifte (founder) decides to go full-time on BolHut to release You Died but a Necromancer revived you as quickly and as best as possible! The warm welcome of the game and the success of the 4 player mode together with the award given during the event boosted our confidence on the game.

3 years and still going!
We put the game in the big screen at FIMP’18!

Our initial estimate for release was during late 2018, but realisticly we had to delay it to 2019 if we wanted to properly release it.

And here we are! 2019 with You Died but a Necromancer revived you close to release and it will be our first game we put a price on, and our first game to hit console (yes!!)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us during all these years and everyone who plays our games, this is an incredible journey that we hope to continue for as long as we can