We want to thank everyone who helped us in our way, this is our general credits zone!
Thank you for playing with us!

~(2015 - 2016 Thanks)~

To Jaime Rabid for helping with Music, testing and various effects

To Pablo Raak for being the best beta-tester ever

To Mom for her support, making a BolHut doll and inspiring the creation of Red Handsome Hood

To Dad for advice and support

To Joselle for his support and beta-testing

To Cuicui Studios for inviting us to FIMP Gamer 2015/2016 and their support

To everyone who went to our stand at FIMP & CometCon

To the CometCon staff for letting us be on their event

To David for inviting us to Santander's Smart Weekend

To Koen for dying 300 times in You Died:BaNRY's hard mode

To Varelart for giving us a hand with our event stands and web, great baton passer

To a lovely kid cosplayed as Pikachu we met at FIMP 2015

To a kid who gave us an Origami bird as present (Still keeping it at the studio!)

To AstraVex for being the first person to ever gameplay one of our games

To Male for the cool fanart she throws on streams

To GameMaker, the software that lets our doodles become a game reality

To BFXR, the software we use for a good chunk of our sound effects

To Green Communications for hosting our website


And to everyone who has played our games, supported us  or just helped us in our way...

✦ Thank you! ♥