We want to thank everyone who helped us in our way, this is our general credits zone!
We update this from time to time, once a year normally, but even if you are not here we want to thank you anyway

Thank you for playing with us!

To Jaime Rabid for making all the wonderful soundtracks, helping out coding and being an awesome friend

To Pablo Raak for being the best betatester, helping us with a ton more of stuff and being there always for us

To Mom & Dad for being super supportive and encouraging us to be better everyday

To GameMaker, the software that lets our universe become a (videogame) reality

To BFXR, the free software we use for a good chunk of our chiptune sound effects (& BolHut's logo sound)

To Green Communications for hosting our website

To Cuicui Studios for inviting us to FIMP every year and letting us find an audience next home

To CometCon for inviting us to their events, where we started working on the Necromancer

To Koen for dying 300 times in You Died: BaNRY's hard mode

To Varelart for giving us a hand with our stands, games and being awesome at the mic

To a very nice kid cosplayed as Pikachu that requested to take the first pic ever at our first stand

To a lovely kid who gave us an Origami bird as present (We still keep it with care at the studio!)

To AstraVex for being the first person to ever record gameplay of one of our games

To FanMaleta for the cool fanart doodles she threw on our first dev streams

To Lune for the cute amazing Necromancer fanart and support

To our fellow developer friends of the column

To [ ] ( ) and < > , whoever they are, for pushing a healthy competitive PuPaiPo Scenario
(And being the first one to stream live one of our games!)


Thank you to everyone who supports us and plays our games! 
It means the universe to us

♥ Thank you lots ♥