Happy birthday!!! 
Three years with three games in our hut. And we are still developing games!

For a full year we have been working on You Died: BaNRY and we are getting closer and closer to finishing the game; This summer we made a new trailer and you can see a whole lot has improved since the game jam back two years ago, here you have both trailers if you want to compare:

> You Died: BaNRY Trailer 2018 <
> You Died: BaNRY Game jam trailer 2016 <

It has been an interesting year for sure (and a quiet one again), I wish I had something to announce like a release date or console but unfortunately as of now we have to keep on working hard before announcing anything.

However in November we will be attending FIMP 2018 and we hope to have the game finished by then so you can all try it!

Now to eat cake, have fun and get back to development!!