And we were awarded “Best independent studio” of the event! 🎉
Last weekend in the middle of the rain there was an event called CometCon… and so we adventured inside! Our third time going to the event and once again we are super happy with the results. We brought all our games, people of all ages and groups of all kinds played and had a good time; it was a blast to watch you all play our games and we are so happy!

The game is still in development but it was very well received, a lot of people asking when it comes out, price, platform, etc… and a lot of super cool people coming multiple times to play and beat the game once more.

But enough about us! Say hello to all the wonderful indies we met:


You all rock!
Thank you for playing

-Photos & Long post:

Comet Indie! Here we go!


Boom! Our stand is ready!
(Half of the balloons in the background exploded, scary!)


Boom! From a different angle!


A bit cramped, but we managed to let 8 people play at the same time! @-@


The Column of the Corner
When there was no chairs, I would “sit” on this column to rest my flat feet
A true friend, also a podcast


Faction Wars by Moonside Studio


Doodle by Autumn Spring Studios

Woodpunk by Meteorbytes


Match 2 Kill by Code Pirinha


Rogue Cube by Bipolar Dawn




1138 deads in a 4 player run!


2280 deads in a 4 player versus!


A c00l Dragonite came to check the game!


Final table of rankings! Thank you for participating


Bye bye CometCon! ‘Til next time!


It was great and every event gives us more motivation to keep going.
Thank you all for playing!