Last weekend we went to FIMP 2017, our third year attending! Once more it has been a blast of an event, we have met new friends and a ton of players! This year we had the chance to use two tables with three computers! Our biggest stand yet, it was busier than ever but super rewarding.

We brought all our games, of course, but specially we featured You Died: But a Necromancer Revived You and its new Local Multiplayer mode! It was a huge success and it worked wonderfully! Obviously we still have a lot of development to do before release, and it now has a lot more traps and levels than before.

Lots of indies too! We met new ones and greeted some familiar faces! Here for a shotout list of the ones we met:


Thank you all for playing!
And now for the long post covering the event:

Event! Here we go!


So empty before opening! Everyone is setting everything up


Boom! Our stand is ready to go


Boom! From a different angle!


The highlight! Up to 4 players!


Behind our stand! Indie games!

Unfortunately I goofed and forgot to take more pics of the other indies in the area! Sorry!

A VR car  form JJdrones came by to say hello!


3D Printed Pokemons!


Huge bottle!


Tiny Legos! (They are called LOZ)


Quality help on the stand from our official beta-tester Pablo Raak! Thank you so much!


The Cute Boxes invaded our stand! Hope they have fun!


A happy family played all together the Co-Op mode and played through more than 700 attempts total! Wow!


The final table of highscores! Thank you everyone for participating!

We will update the official highscore webpage as soon as we can! (We might take a while since we are planning on updating the web here and there)

Bye bye FIMP! It has been a great weekend!

We are pretty happy and excited to get back to development!

Thank you all for playing!