Happy birthday!! It is our second year making games,  two games finished and released! We have been fairly quiet for the most part of it, our biggest step was to finish and release Red Handsome Hood, both for Windows and Android! We have never tried to release on Android before so that was quite a nice experience!

As we keep developing, we keep growing; Still making mistakes, but we keep going.

Now for some news!

Red Handsome Hood has just gotten a small update, primarly gameplay balance. Our games are made to be a challenge, and everyone tackles these challenges differently, being a challenge for us to balance everything out to our taste. For Red Handsome Hood the curve difficulty was a bit of a mess (and probably still is), if you read the changelog everything is all about tweaks, but we hope they are significant enough to make a better experience.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

PuPaiPo Space finally has its two player co-op mode that we have been testing during events but was never released until now! All the tiny bugs are fixed and 2player balance is in place. We decided not to work too much into it as we want to keep PuPaiPo Space as close to its release state, since we adore it the way it is.

2 players mode might be a bit unintuitive to set-up, connect at least one gamepad to your computer before running the game, then you just gotta click “2P CO-OP” before clicking your difficulty and start the game!

If you run into any issues or bugs, please contact us!

You Died: But a Necromancer Revived You is our next game, started on a game jam we really liked its concept and we want to make a full version; this past summer we completed porting to Game Maker Studio 2, cleaned a lot of code and tested out some mechanics and ideas (that most of them did not work).

This week we are getting a first closed beta ready to start testing and the following months we will be working on finishing the game, we cannot put a date to when its going to be released so follow us to be updated!

And that is all, hope you have fun, thanks for playing and