Red Handsome Hood is out!! You can download it for PC and Android right in our website

>> Red Handsome Hood’s site <<

Now what¿? Well, it is finally time to bring all our focus to You Died: But a Necromancer Revived you; for the rest of april we will be finishing pre-production, taking all feedback so far into consideration so production is easier next month.

From there we might be quiet for a long time, focused on development, we hope to be able to finish by the end of this year; but we will see how it goes.

Updates will come your way, and we are considering making an early access/beta kind of thing to balance the already hard YouDied BaNRY game.

Not right now, but we are also planning to gather all the making of stuff from Red Handsome Hood and show it bit by bits.

In short we should be focusing in game development, which is what we do best. However we will try to keep updating everyone and moving around;

Short quick update, thanks for playing!