24th of March! (hopefully!)

We are aiming to release the final version of Red Handsome Hood this week! More specifically if everything works well it should be live the 24th of March. The 0.9 version has been in itchio for a long time, but this time we are releasing it in Android as well! This is our first time trying a mobile platform so we are nervous to see how it goes.

Also from the 24th to the 26th of March BolHut will be attending CometCon17! We will, like every event we go to, bring all our games and place a highscore board. Since Red Handsome Hood will be released in Android, we will be trying something completely new, because now every player can just download it on the go and play it on their phones! Specially it would be great to see how well (or bad) our game performs in most devices.

There is much that we need to organize and preparations for the event, so we must keep this post short; Just keep in mind that we are still working, and we are so happy to be releasing Red Handsome Hood.

We hope to see you all at launch & event!

Thanks for playing!