We hope you are all having a good summer and that it does not get too hot!

We just learnt that we cannot keep a schedule on updating and showing stuff around because we do not know ourselves when it is going to be ready, we develop in our free time and is never constant; the best thing we can do is keep working and update whenever we have something.

This summer we are most likely going to be very quiet, but we hope to bring a bunch of stuff for September!

We want to let everyone know that no matter what, we are still making games; More specificly, we are working on You Died: But a Necromancer Revived You right now

Thanks for playing!

Red Handsome Hood is out!! You can download it for PC and Android right in our website

>> Red Handsome Hood’s site <<

Now what¿? Well, it is finally time to bring all our focus to You Died: But a Necromancer Revived you; for the rest of april we will be finishing pre-production, taking all feedback so far into consideration so production is easier next month.

From there we might be quiet for a long time, focused on development, we hope to be able to finish by the end of this year; but we will see how it goes.

Updates will come your way, and we are considering making an early access/beta kind of thing to balance the already hard YouDied BaNRY game.

Not right now, but we are also planning to gather all the making of stuff from Red Handsome Hood and show it bit by bits.

In short we should be focusing in game development, which is what we do best. However we will try to keep updating everyone and moving around;

Short quick update, thanks for playing!

We have amazing news! A lightning of inspiration has struck our hut and thus opened our eyes, we were fools, blind even!; Creating such poor quality games, we must now change our focus, for we have found the new path that will lead us to the GOTY. We are stopping all development and further BolHut activities as of today just to focus on such an amazing project.

You might be wondering why now, but now is the moment.



Without further ado…

Super Berpy Adventur Deluxe HD

24th of March! (hopefully!)

We are aiming to release the final version of Red Handsome Hood this week! More specifically if everything works well it should be live the 24th of March. The 0.9 version has been in itchio for a long time, but this time we are releasing it in Android as well! This is our first time trying a mobile platform so we are nervous to see how it goes.

Also from the 24th to the 26th of March BolHut will be attending CometCon17! We will, like every event we go to, bring all our games and place a highscore board. Since Red Handsome Hood will be released in Android, we will be trying something completely new, because now every player can just download it on the go and play it on their phones! Specially it would be great to see how well (or bad) our game performs in most devices.

There is much that we need to organize and preparations for the event, so we must keep this post short; Just keep in mind that we are still working, and we are so happy to be releasing Red Handsome Hood.

We hope to see you all at launch & event!

Thanks for playing!

Months ago we changed our site from thebolhut to bolhut, that effectively screwed our blog and we had to rebuilt it and while we were at it the website overall was updated as well.

What we updated and it is new in our website:

At some point we will update every game’s mini-site! Specially when we update said games.

We have been very stuck with game development, you could say we had a block for two months; however we never stopped working hidden in our BolHut, even if it was a struggle or slow, things are figured out. Right now we are glad to have gotten some of the most boring stuff out of the way and some things are settled for us to have a better and more fun time during the following months of development.

We are going to change how to schedule our projects and their workflow. Good thing? We are going to set a Roadmap for ourselves, a really vague one:

  • Q1: Red Handsome Hood’s full release (PC and hopefully Android)
  • Q2: You Died: BaNRY development
  • Q3: You Died: BaNRY beta
  • Q4: You Died: BaNRY release + ¿new game?

A roadmap page has not been set just yet, but when it is done we will inform you all!  This of course does not mean we are going to follow the roadmap 100%, dividing work in Qs allows us to better predict when to release stuff and how development goes within a project in such a way that we can set deadlines and release dates with more confidence while giving you all a taste of how close we are to a milestone.

Hope that makes sense?

Anyway, we are still working and will keep you updated on progress! No matter how slow we can be at it, we will get there.

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EDIT #2: Wow this theme sure is broken

EDIT(15-02-2017): That took a while to update, but now it is back! (Hopefully) Getting through the boring stuff has been tough; slowly but surely getting back on track.